Requirement of business hosting are far more different then a matrimonial website requirements. A business website the control & content required is different where as a matrimonial website has wide different content which include search engine with huge paramerters, Match email, Image uploads, Profile Page & lot of interactivity. Matrimonial website hosting should be robust and scalable becuase of it sheer nature of the busienss.

a) Easily Scalable

Scalability is the most prominent requirement of the matrimonial website. The traffic on matrimonial website may increase at that time it should be easy to move to powerfull infrastructure at extreme easiness. As the timming of the upgrade is not know the smoothness is most important & curical for such upgrades.

b) Unmited is fine with data & bandwidth

There is lot of content involved in profile with images, lot of processing takes places. So unlimited plan with space & bandwidth is ideal way. Here the critical point is servers ability or TOS that server allow to use resources at peak time. There are chances that due to restricted services the site may slowness at time of peak hours. we would recommend upgrades at times.

c) Email Delieverability

The matrimonial website has lot of emails in process, any shared website hosting has restritive policy for sending the emails that can be sent every hour. Not many matrimonial scripts process this kind of important parameters.Further the good practices follwed by the hosting service provider gives postive note of have qualitative results when long term results are the requirement.

c) 24/7 Support

Site being online it is important that hosting provider has extremely good support team & it is reachable at requirements. Unreachable hosting company could be deadly for any business matrimonial website.

d) Response in Critical Times

Site remains online 365 days lot of virus, malware , hacking attacks are faced by hosting & websites. It is important how hosting company responds in these critical times. Problems are fine, but most important how they are handled when required. How sharing of information happens with developer & their technical responds to such information.

Based on the above parameters we would recommend this website hosting

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