Choosing a domain name for online business is extremely crtical.One needs to get a bit creative when looking for domain names. It should also take care of audience & one should be  able to register as a trademark. Today we discuss few steps in finding a good domain name. As by our prefrences we stick to choosing from “.com”, people recognize it more easily.

1) Brainstorm on your inspiration

List out 10 important keywords or names that you may find it great for the domain name.You can pair with the some good prefixes or suffixes to create good idea. Make sure they are unique. A good domain estabishes very fast.

– Avoid Number
– Avoid Hyphens
– Avoid Mis-spellings
– Avoid best…. , Hot….., – this kind of domains may not be good for long term

2) Easy to spell, remember & write

All of these factors are important as they create a long term impact. This kind of domains are easy to brand, with lot less advertising budget you can get established.

3) Prefer domain that speaks about audience

People finds easy to relate to some thing they know. So words that relates to community should be preferred

4) Smaller is better

Worlds best brands have the smallest brand names. Ideal domain should be smaller one that can be enhanced to create a brand name.

Domain names cost around $10 & you may prefer to register domain name with domain registrar that are big like godaddy, namecheap, register.com, bigrock.  Further if you have any questions or confusion please talk to us as we help with starting your website