Compliant Matrimonial Script

Well most softwares & website are not compliant leaving most website owner in jeopardise about their business. Matrimonial Script from the PHPMATRIMONIALSCRIPT.com has been made nearest compliant ready based on norms of Ministry of Women & Child Development. 

Growing Industry & Menace

Matrimonial industry is a billion dollar industry and growing faster than most Industry. Indian witnessing a huge boom in Internet growth in last few years – the matrimonial website have come up all over the Internet.

Faster growth of Industry has also created some inbuilt menace in matrimonial industry like fraud people, fake profiles & cheating happening with the users.To put crub on this activity, Ministry of Women Empowerment,GOI came up with some advisory of matrimonial websites. This is advisory document that help online marriage bureau owners to implement this norms. It further state in document that Online Matrimony Services is governed under Information Technology Act 2000.

Compliance advisory issued by Ministry

Online matrimonial website should maintain following points to adhere to the advisory.Following points are provided as simplification of document interpretation, but this article can not be regarded as legal advise. You need to contact your legal advisor for the implementation of the same.

Marriage Bureau Owners need to maintain

a) Terms & Conditions

Terms should specify that user is intent to enter into matrimonial alliance & further

b) Privacy Policy

c) Mobile number should be verified

d) Proof of Identity should be taken from the user.

e) Website should be strictly declared as for matrimonial purpose by providing notice on the website at prominent location.

f) Support, Grieveance Officer, FAQ , Safety Tips should be maintained

g) Redersall mechnaism should be provided for the user

h) Login logs should be maintained

i) IEC 27001 Standards should be enforced

j) Website should send regular communication

As leading matrimonial script provider we have implemented this compliance all our existing customer registered in one year gets a free upgrade. We highly recommend to new clients to buy a software that is compliant to Advisory notice. We would highly recommend to check the advisory from Ministry of Women Emporment